Native Union Moshi Moshi Collection Transforms Your iPhone into a Stylish Landline

_DSC0041Native Union’s Moshi Moshi Collection has reinvented the concept of Bluetooth handsets, by getting back to the basics of communication. The folks behind Native Union understand that people are using their landlines less and less, and that cell phones are becoming our primary communication tools which we can use for hours on end each day. They set out to offer better, more comfortable and convenient solutions for talking on your cell phone. As opposed to the traditional Bluetooth headset that clips to your ear like you’re a telemarketer, these stylish handsets are designed to look like your landline phone so that you enjoy a more comfortable experience when you’re conversing. If the concept behind these handsets seem familiar, it’s because they are similar in concept to Yubz. However, according to the folks at Native Union, their products are aimed at being less gimmicky and rather higher end products.

_DSC0049The MM02 is a wired handset that comes finished in a black soft-touch or white high-gloss texture. Available in black or white, the Moshi Moshi 02 connects to your mobile phone via its 3.5mm jack, thus allowing you to use the MM02 to make calls using your cell phone. The handset features a weighted base, and it even comes with a silicon mat to hold and protect your cell phone while it’s connected to the MM02. Aside from looking really neat, and making your conversations more enjoyable, the MM02 offers an obvious health benefit- and that is that your face won’t be up against a wireless device for hours on end. The Moshi Moshi 02 retails for $59.99 and will be available on April 15th and it is compatible with all types of mobile phones. The company offers optional adapters available for phones that don’t have a 3.5mm jack. There is also a USB adapter that can be used to connect to your computer for use with VOIP software like Skype.

_DSC0046The MMo3 is similar in design and concept to the 02, but it’s a wireless headset that uses Bluetooth 2.1 to connect to your phone. And because it supports Bluetooth 2.1, that means that you can connect it to two mobile phones at once, or your mobile phone an laptop at the same time. The Moshi Moshi 03 will retail for $129.99 and it will be available on April 15th.

The Moshi Moshi 04i is another bluetooth product from Moshi Moshi that sports a truly beautiful and unique concept and design. First, the MM04i has been designed to works as a dedicated iPhone charging Dock, and a wireless Bluetooth speaker system with support for Bluetooth 2.1. The top part of the system is designed to look like a handset so that you can easily disconnect it from its base to use it to receive phone calls while it’s connected to your cell phone or laptop. Under the hood, the system is sporting high quality NXT speakers which are two watts each. The Moshi Moshi 04i  retails for $199 and it goes on sale on April 15th.

We’ll have reviews of all three of these products as they become available.

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