Project Runway’s Latest Design Challenge Features HP TouchSmart PCs

4462729547_33ebbae80d_bWe had reported earlier in the year about HP’s influence in this year’s season of Project Runway, and tonight fashion truly met technology in a most interesting way. Using HP TouchSmart computers, designers were challenged to create fabric patterns using the PCs and then transform them into clothing suitable for the runway. Later on in the episode the contestant’s designs were printed onto fabric to help create the look of the challenge. In addition to HP computers making an appearance – the designer behind the HP Digital Clutch also made an appearance – Vivienne Tam. She was on hand to help judge the final looks and there could be no one better to judge such a challenge, since Vivienne uses HP computers when she is making her own runway collections. However, I was honestly waiting for someone to pop up wearing Monster headphones too… Anyway, if you haven’t caught tonight’s Project Runway episode, then I highly suggest you do, if anything just to watch how the designers engage in this new way of creating their designs.

HP and Project Runway are also collaborating off-screen and will be doing a giveaway for fans of the show. Just visit www.projectrunway.com/hp and predict the final top three designers that will show their collections at New York’s Fashion Week; those that guess correctly will be entered to win a premium HP Envy 15 notebook PC with the new smart 2010 Intel Core processor.


Update 03/26/10: HP, Intel, Vivienne Tam and some of Project Runway’s contestants got together in New York City on friday to celebrate thursday night’s episode. At the event, Vivienne spoke about how she uses technology to create her fashions, and that she hopes that this episode will inspire other designers to create their own prints. The top fashions from the challenge were on display, as were the HP Touchsmart PCs that were used in the challenge, and the TM2 tablets that are used on the show by the contestants when they create their designs. It’s worth mentioning that the software that the contestants use on the TM2’s, actually ships with the TM2’s, so anyone buying this tablet can use it like they do on the show. HP also let it slip that they’re working on a collaboration with the Sex and the City 2 movie. Does that mean Carrie isn’t going to be a Mac anymore? We can’t wait to find out!


Update: We’ve been told that the software used on the tablets is made by Corel and comes standard with the HP Tablet PCs.


  1. The software used – based on the images I’ve seen on Project Runway – is Paint it! Touch by Corel. It is inexpensive at $39.99, and does come pre-loaded on a number of touch-screen PCs. Don’t confuse this software with their “Paint it!” software available for standard PCs. That’s used for creating painterly versions of photos.