Spiderpodium iPhone Holder is an Insect We Can Appreciate

screenshot_02We’ve never been much for creatures with several pairs of legs, but in this case, the Spiderpodium is very appealing. This plastic gadget stand is made of 8 bendable legs that are designed to grip, holster, and dock your iPhone, or any other similarly sized gadget. You can even use it to holster your iPhone on your bike’s handle bars while you’re riding. However, we certainly don’t advise trying to watch a movie while you ride a bike, lest you hurt your legs, and you certainly don’t have eight of them like the Spiderpodium does. The Spiderpodium is available for preorder now for £14.99 ($23 USD) and it will be available on March 29th. It will also be available for $19.99 in the U.S. starting on April 15th.

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