Yamaha Debuts Limited-Edition Black Sparkle Silent String Quartet for 50th Anniversary

SilentQuartetBlk_NM_rel_010Yamaha is celebrating its 50th birthday and with that comes the announcement of a Limited-Edition Black Sparkle Silent String Quartet of Violas, Violins, and Cellos. For those not familiar with the Silent collection of electric string instruments, it is a collection of beautifully crafted instruments that let you play quietly to yourself without subduing those around you to your practice sessions. All instruments can be played silently, using headphones or through an amplifier, resulting in a very pleasant experience for all. The original versions of the Silent instruments feature a a maple neck and body with an acoustic-like feel and ergonomics. The Limited Edition Sparkle Silent Quartet with be available in May but if you want to grab one of these smooth and sexy instruments now, you can find them retailing for anywhere between $549.99 and $1151.50.


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