Doctor Who’s Daleks, Now Available in Several Different Colors (Spoilers)

screenshot_09Over in the U.K., Doctor Who is as ingrained in pop culture as Batman is here. And for Doctor Who, his mortal enemy equivalent of the Joker are the Daleks. These droids might seem like cousins to R2-D2 at first glance, but don’t get them confused with the friendly fella – these robots have been giving nightmares to British children for over 40 years now. In this week’s episode, a new generation of the Daleks were created. But what made us chuckle, were their spiffy new colors – red, orange, white, blue, and green. What no, pink Dalek!? Really though, is this supposed to be some inside joke/commentary on the state of gadgets nowadays? The new colors make the Daleks seem even less imposing than ever. Now it’s just a matter of time before the after market Dalek accessory case industry begins firing up.



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