Light Up USB Warning Labels Because It’s Always Safety First At Your PC

screenshot_01Could there be a country more in love with useless USB gadgets than Japan? No. Their latest USB invention are the Light Up USB Warning Labels. Plug these in and they’ll light up, each with their own English and Japanese warning on them.
Here is a list of the available warning labels:
– On Air (written in english)
– Fasten your seat belt (logo)
– Operation in progress (written in japanese, red colour)
– Do not use fire (written in japanese & english)
– Empty bus (written in japanese, white colour and blue words)
– It’s Warm (written in japanese)
– Safety first (written in japanese, yellow colour)
– No smoking (written in japanese and english, white colour)
– Exit (written in japanese and english, green colour)

Unfortunately, because of their diminutive size, we can’t imagine that anyone would notice the actual warnings – even if they do light up. But if you’re willing to give these a try anyway, they’ll be available from Play-Asia very soon.


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