Headphonies Striker Arrives Just in Time for the World Cup

striker_largeI think we all have World Cup fever these days. Even if you never watched the game before in your life – you are just finding yourself caught up in it. I know I am. Well what better way to show your support than getting Striker, a new Headphonies portable speaker for your cellphone or any music device that has a headphone jack. The little speaker packs in 2W of power and has a design which is quite adorable. It’s head is a soccer ball wearing headphones and he is wearing a USA Soccer (football) jersey. However if Striker isn’t your cup of tea,Headphonies will also be releasing soon Sunny and Sumo – two more adorable speakers that may appeal to the guy or gal in your life. All three will retail for $19.95 and are currently available for pre-order.


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