AluStand Aluminium Stand for Laptops and MacBook Pro Unibody Review

The AluStand is an aluminum stand designed for both Mac and PCs, but its design is really aimed at perfectly complimenting the MacBook Pro unibodies.  This very attractive stand helps you keep an ergonomic sitting position while working by keeping your laptop’s display at eye level. Personally, I love my MacBook Pro, but I find it uncomfortable for extended periods of use just because it isn’t at eye level when sitting at a desk. The AluStand resolves this issue, ultimately relieving strain on your neck and eyes.

The AluStand is made of three pieces and although not super portable, it is light enough to be traveled with once dismantled. The top of the AluStand is covered with an anti-slip surface which prevents your laptop from slipping off of the aluminum top pieces. However the anti-slip surface is not very secure and your laptop can still be easily knocked off. The open design and height of the AluStand also allows for more airflow from your notebook than with many other laptops stands which have full bottoms. Another neat aspect of the AluStand’s design also features a storage space for holding an external keyboard when not in use. This storage space will fit most keyboards, if not all keyboards, including the current Mac keyboard.

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The AluStand takes just a few minutes to assemble. All you have to do is connect the plastic piece at its base to both pieces of aluminum. From the included instructions, it seems like the pieces would all snap together. But they don’t. Although the three pieces fit into one another, they just don’t lock into place well, and they can easily wobble apart – possibly taking your laptop tumbling with them. This design flaw is the weakest aspect of the stand.

Overall, the AluStand is a solid and very stylish laptop stand that provides you with all the important things you need in a laptop stand – good ergonomics, good airflow for cooling, and a convenient storage space. One area where the AluStand lacks though is that it is not height or angle adjustable, so you’re stuck with its height and angle out of the box. For MacBook Pro users who have laptops that match the AluStand to a tee, the AluStand’s design is very attractive, unfortunately the stand’s included pieces also don’t lock together well and as a result the stand can get wobbly. You can pick up the AluStand for 39,99 EUR (about $50 USD)

The Good: Apple-like design is sleek and stylish, good air flow, convenient storage space for a keyboard, basically portable
The Bad: Height and angle is not adjustable, the included pieces don’t snap/or lock together well, laptop can slip off top with not much effort