Solve the iPhone 4 Problem with a Tuned Up Cassette Tape Case


Ok so we get it – Apple today single-handedly gave all accessory companies its blessing to inundate us with even more cases. Because now it will help improve reception! Like they needed an excuse before to pump them out like candy. Well if you are going to run out an buy a case and pray that your signal doesn’t drop – I would encourage you to get the completely adorable Tuned Up case from Fred & Friends – the same folks behind that iPlunge stand a few weeks ago. Tuned Up will get your retro juices flowing, as the case for your iPhone 4 resembles a 80’s or 70’s cassette tape, complete with an outer clear plastic case that can be flipped over to prop your iPhone onto. It will be available in Beat-It Black or Awesome Ivory and will retail for $19.99 from Perpetual Kid.


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