Bellybuds Headphones Play Music to Babies in the Womb


Bellybuds Pregancy bellyphones is a special device that gently adheres to a mom’s belly so that her baby can hear prenatal music, voices, and soothing sounds while they’re in the womb. Moms can connect Bellybuds to an iPod or any standard music player via a 3.5mm jack. The idea might seem silly at first, but clinical studies and research has found that sharing audio that you have created, at safe levels, actually helps stimulate a baby’s development in positive ways, and it can even help create voice recognition patterns – while as baby is still in the womb. Bellybuds Pregancy Bellyphones retail for $49.99. And if the concept of Bellybuds seems familiar, that is because they are strikingly similar to the Lullabelly Prenatal Belt. So, yes it seems like playing music to babies in the womb are a new mommy fad!



  1. Brilliant idea 🙂 my baby is very responsive to music at 28 weeks, we are hoping to use something like this to help soothe her now and after she’s born

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