Power Gig: Rise of the Sixstring is a Silent Rock Band Killer


Is Rock Band and Guitar Hero no longer challenging enough for you? Has playing rhythm games made you consider learning how to play a real guitar? If so, Power Gig might just be the ticket for you. Set to be released in October, Power Gig: Rise of the Sixstring is not the same kind of rhythm game you’re used too. Yes, you get to play in a band with cool tracks, rock a guitar and drums, and even sing, but this time the experience is more intense. For starters, the guitar works as a real guitar with strings and the game features a more advanced gameplay mode that will let you play the game with the actual guitar strings.


Outside of the game, you can even plug the guitar into a real amp and use it to play your own music. If that concept seems familiar, it’s because the You Rock guitar works like that too. However, the Power Gig guitar is meatier and larger. After all, the people who designed it are from First Act, a company that makes music instruments. And besides for being able to use the drums and guitar for the Power Gig: Rise of the Sixstring game, the devices are also compatible with rock Band and Guitar Hero games. But what also really stands out about this set of hardware is the drums. These drums are a lot more compact than what you get with the competition, and they’re totally quiet. That is because instead of hitting the base of the drums, you just need to hit the area on top of them – in the air. That might seem odd at first, but if you’re living in a New York City apartment with thin walls, it’s a god-send. What further drives the game’s uniqueness is that the game also has a story mode, so that you’re not just playing tracks, but really experiencing an adventure.


Artists like Kid Rock and Dave Matthews have already signed on to promote Power Gig with exclusive tracks. As a matter of fact, Power Gig’s library of tracks will be devoid of any dubs – instead you’ll only have real artists singing their own music – which is really the way it should be. Power Gig: Rise of the Sixstring will retail for $59.99 for the game alone and will be available for Xbox 360 and PS3. A bundle with the guitar included will cost $179.99. That is more costly than Guitar Hero’s or Rock Band’s guitar + game kit, but with Power Gig, you’re getting a real guitar. There will also be larger sized guitars available on Power Gig’s web site, for those who want guitars that are the same size as the real thing. The complete Band Kit will retail for $229.99. All kits available for preorder now.