Razer Starcraft II Keyboard, Mouse, and Headset Would Make Jim Raynor Jealous

Starcraft 2For fans of Starcraft II, there are no depths you won’t go to show what a fan you truly are. So Razer is here to help you properly accessorize your computer with the appropriate Starcraft II gear. Razer will be releasing three different peripherals for the Starcraft II enthusiast. The Razer Banshee Gaming Headset, Razer Spectre Gaming Mouse, and Razer Marauder Keyboard. Each peripheral will glow a blue hue and will make your Starcraft II experience even more amazing. The Spectre mouse will glow,  has five buttons for enhanced precision and APM (actions per minute). This killer mouse will retail for $79.95.


The Marauder Keyboard is also styled to enhance your Starcraft II experience with lit and elevated keys, on the fly macro recording that will let you change between 10 profiles, and an APM lighting system. It will retail for $119.00. Lastly the Banshee Headset will also glow a blue hue, has a detachable mic, volume controls on the headset, comfy earcups, and equalizer functionality with 8 preset settings so you can tune the sound specifically to your taste. The Banshee will also retail for $119.


No word yet on when the peripherals will be available, but you can sign up to be alerted for when they will be officially launched. The whole kit will set you back over $300 bucks when it does become available, but you’ll look hot playing Starcraft II in your mom’s basement.

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