Happy Owl Studio’s the Clutch for iPad is Mary Poppins Approved


Happy Owl Studio’s the Cluch, isn’t just another relater iPad case – it’s a clutch / purse/ carry bag.  Available in light blue, red or black leather, no one will ever suspect all the goodies that lie inside of it are gadgets – and an iPad! The Clutch has a sleeve to protect the iPad, along with pockets for storing cash, change, credit cards, pens, a stylus, and your mobile phone, while the larger pockets are perfect for storing a Bluetooth keyboard, MiFi, keys, lip gloss, and more! On top of that, its design will also work as a stand so that it can be used for movie-watching, and it also folds over at a low angle so that it can be propped up at just the right angle to use the on-screen keyboard comfortably. The Clutch retails for $89.00.


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