Zack Morris Speaker Case Transforms the iPhone 4 into a Retro Brick – Exclusive!


Remember when we all thought that Zack Morris was the man when he would whip out his brick of a cell phone? Well now you can live out your dreams of being Zack Morris! Retro Cells’ Speaker System & Charger for the iPhone will transform your iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, into one of those old school brick phones – just like the phone Zack had. Plus, it also adds a speaker system and

charger to your iPhone, along with an FM radio and alarm clock with a backlit LCD. The Retro Cell Speakers System & Charger for the iPhone will also work as standalone computer speakers. There is no word on pricing or availability yet. Oh, and we’re guessing that you should disregard the Windows screenshots on the iPhone, it looks like who ever made the rendering was a tad bit confused.

Update: The Windows Vista render was thrown in for humor.

(Thanks, Scott!)