Audyssey Audio Dock: South of Market Edition iPod Dock Has Tweeters, Woofers Galore

Audyssey has announced a new premium iPhone Audio Dock, that they’re describing as the “undock”. The South of Market Edition is a do-it- all iPod/iPhone dock that also features Bluetooth with A2DP, a built-in speakerphone for making calls or for using Skype, a 3.5mm line input, along with USB 2.0 for optionally using it as a computer speaker system.  So what makes this dock premium you ask? Inside there are two 4-inch woofers, two .75-inch tweeters, four discrete amplifiers and active crossovers with bi-amplification. And you get all of this inside a relatively compact and small body that measures just 5 inches wide, 9 inches deep, and 9 inches high. A remote control is included so that you can answer calls from across the room. Audyssey is also offering a special Audyssey iPhone app that you can use to control and customize the system’s EQ settings. The Audyssey Audio Dock: South of Market Edition will be available soon as an exclusive at the Apple Store for $399.

Audyssey Dynamic Voice
Uses microphone array processing to reduce background noise and echo cancellation to improve the sound quality of phone calls.
Audyssey EQ
Provides accurate soundstage, vocals, bass, and musical balance.
Audyssey Dynamic EQ
Continuously monitors your content to make vocals intelligible and background detail clear at low volumes.
Audyssey BassXT
Extends the bass response of small speakers to reproduce the lowest frequencies.
Audyssey Dynamic Volume
Automatically controls the volume level so that no content gets too loud or too soft.
Audyssey Tilt
Easily adjust treble and bass with one control.
Audyssey Fast Slope Tone
Provides precise adjustment of Treble or Bass without affecting other frequencies.

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