BoomCase by SiMo are Portable Speakers Made from Vintage Suitcases

Speakers just don’t get any hipper or more vintage than this. The BoomCase by Mr. Simo are portable speaker systems made out of vintage suitcases. Sweet! These bad boys are self-powered and will work with your iPod/iPhone or any media device with a headphone jack. They can also be plugged in if your party is going to run into overtime. Most of the luggage being used seems to be hardshells or vintage leather suitcases. In any case, it certainly turns the concept of portable speakers on its ear. Currently one of the BoomCase models is for sale on Etsy for $295. It is made from a Small Samsonite Travel case that was converted into a speaker. It is outfitted with a battery that lasts for 10 hours, headphone jack, and 40 Watts of sound. If you want your iPod/iPhone to be charged while playing music, for a few extra bucks they will include that too. Now try and get this luggage past airport security!

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