Epson MovieMate 85HD All-in-one Projector is a Travelling Movie Theater

Picking out a projector for a home theater system can be overwhelming for the average family. Sure, some do enjoy all the tinkering and figuring out that is involved with setting up an intricate home theater set-up, but others just want a system that gets the job done efficiently without much hassle. That is where the new Epson MovieMate 85HD and MovieMate 62 All-in-One Home projectors come in. These systems are high-brightness projectors, with a built-in CD/DVD player, microphone input, and stereo speakers – all inside one portable unit, so that you can take movie night with you – even if that means making movie night out in the backyard.
These new systems can both project a 16:9 widescreen 60-inch image from only six feet away or a 120-inch image from just 12 feet away. The MovieMates also include a mic jack which can be used for narrating a slideshow or having fun singing karaoke. Plus, both units sport HDMI, they are compatible with the iPod, Wii, Sony, PS3 and Xbox 360, they are each designed with a built-in handle, they both come with a cushioned carrying case, and they both feature a high-quality 3LCD projector, along with Dolby Digital audio and two built-in 10 watt speakers.

The flagship model here is really the MovieMate 85HD, which is a 720p HD projector that sports a brighter energy-efficient E-TORL lamp than previous models, and is able to project up to 2,500 color and white light output for viewing not only in a dark, movie-like setting, but in a lighted room or even at dusk outdoors. Meanwhile, the MovieMate 62 has a 540p resolution. The Epson MovieMate 85HD will be available this month for $899 and the MovieMate 62 for $649.

MovieMate 62

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