HP Rolls Out TouchSmart PC 310 and Omni AIO’s, Plus New TouchSmart Apps Center

HP is loading it on us hot and heavy today. Beside for their cutting edge announcements in the field of printing, they’ve also rolled out two new all-in-one PCs, as well as their new HP TouchSmart Apps Center. The HP TouchSmart Apps Center is kind of like an appstore for the Touchsmart PCs, as it gives users access to free and subscription-based applications that are specifically designed for the TouchSmart PCs. Some of the Apps already available include a neat Marvel Comics as well as an app from the Cartoon Network. HP has also updated their TouchSmart software with a neat “Magic Canvas” that lets users drag applications, photos, videos, music and web content directly onto their desktop as ―Magnets. Oh, and they’ve also added a new Facebook application. This new TouchSmart Software will be available on the new TouchSmart 310 and the current TouchSmart 600.

HP TouchSmart 310

The new TouchSmart 210 improves on the traditional TouchSmart PC form-factor with what seems to be an even sleeker and curvier chassis. The system features a 20″ widescreen and runs on an AMD processor with an option for a built-in TV Tuner. Pricing beings at $699.

HP Omni

The HP Omni is designed to be a budget PC, so it lacks a touchscreen display and TouchSmart software, but still sports TouchSmart-like looks, and comes with HP MediaSmart software. The system also has a 20″ widescreen display and runs on an AMD processor. Pricing will begin at around just $499.

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