Kate Spade iPhone 4 and iPad Case For the Elegant Apple Woman

Kate Spade accessories are definitely for the chic woman about town who still enjoys her martini lunches and window shopping at Tiffany’s. I mean I can so see the Gossip Girls with these latest iPhone 4 and iPad cases.

The Darien Jan is one of those types of bags that not only looks great but serves as an excellent bag for carrying around your gear while being disguised as something super trendy. It’s made of soft, embossed cowhide leather, with 14-karat light gold plated hardware , and fits your iPad with no hint of giving away you are a geek girl. The Darien Jan retails for $136.

It looks like Kate Spade is rolling out its new iPhone 4 cases. They may not improve reception but it will improve the iPhone 4’s class. The Kate Spade iPhone 4 cover comes in magenta, is made of silicone, and sports a slogan of “have courage.” The Kate Spade iPhone 4 Cover retails for $35.


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