SeeThru SATIN for MacBook Pro Review

You just got your new Macbook Pro. Oh, how you dreamed of the day! So shiny! So powerful! Before you know it you are protecting it from scratches more then you did your first born. Most of us like to keep our laptops in good shape. However, just a minor move can prevent that from happening in a blink of an eye. That is why shells are so essential. By definition, laptops get moved around a lot. Speck’s protective SeeThru Satin shell is now my babysitter. It protects my baby from scratches, makes it easier to pick up and grip, and the shell is also very easy to put on and take off.

The “satin” exterior is a very soft rubberized material that is grippy and durable. The grippiness is really a high point, in view of so many shells that make your laptop even more slippery. It also has rubber feet on the bottom that won’t allow the laptop to slide around easily. I even leave mine on the arm of my leather couch with peace of mind. One down side, if you smudge this it is very very hard to get it out.

Overall, the fit of the SeeThru SATIN for MacBook Pro is very snug and easy to clip on. It leaves all the essential places open, including the bottom air vents. It allows that laptop to clip shut as if it weren’t even there. It comes in three satin colors, red, purple, and black. These semi translucent colors are very rich, but still allow the glimmer of the apple logo to shine through. After, all you wouldn’t want to be mistaken for a PC! For $49.95, this is an effective option for full shell protection, not only from bumps, and scratches, but also to protect you against losing grip. How would you ever explain to it that you dropped it on its head at a young age? With this shell, hopefully you won’t have to.

The Good: Great grip, easy to put on
The Bad: We would like to see a broader color selection. Hard to clean smudges off.

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