Inside Skype HQ in Tallinn, Estonia

Few people can say their office is comfortable enough to be considered a home away from home, except maybe if you work at the Skype HQ in Tallinn, Estonia. Located in the middle of an Northern European industrial park, Skype looks like a normal office from the outside. But on the inside, the office evokes a calmness and creativity from anyone who walks through the front door.Once inside the inner sanctum of the Skype creative circle, it felt like home. Couches, chairs, pool tables, and Guitar Hero made the office feel like a cubeless sanctuary where I wanted to be. When asked about the future direction for the company, the Skype crew was rather unforthcoming about various plans including a potential Skype/Facebook integration that has been rumored to be in the works as seen in this leaked screenshot published by AllThingsD.

This integration would expand Skype’s current 126 million users to Facebook’s existing 500 million users, thus making the company much more visible and providing users features like SMS and video chat. Although this rumor is floating around, Skype refused to comment yesterday on the status of this project.


  1. lol what? Their HQ is in Little Old Estonia? NO WAY!! I’m from there! No-one in America knows where Estonia is!!

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