Speck Debuts Fashion Inspired A-Line Tote for Your Netbook, iPad or Kindle

Fall is here and that means it’s time to debut a new tote for your gadgets in preparation for the autumn weather. Speck has released new totes for your iPad, Kindles, and other gadgets. This new line features trendy bags that will match your Burberry trench or that black peacoat.

The A-Line Tote is directly inspired by fashion with its clean design and borrows its name from the fashion industries description of the classic A-Line dresses and skirts. The main compartment holds and protects an iPad, netbook or Kindle, while two interior zippered pockets offer organized storage for other smaller accessories and includes headphone cord pass-through openings. Available in three colors – Grey exterior with purple interior lining, Black exterior with gray interior lining and Dark Brown with red interior lining, each retail for $59.95.

The PortPack 10 is a customizable bag that stays slim or unzips to expand to twice its capacity as needed. The main storage compartment holds and protects your iPad, netbook, or Kindle .It also has an adjustable shoulder strap, headphone cord pass through openings, and front cover flap zippers off to create two completely different looks and accessibility options. Available in Black for $49.95.

CorePack FLY 10 is not only a airport checkpoint friendly bag it also unfolds into a lap desk. Just open up CorePack FLY 10’s butterfly design and the bag instantly converts to a portable flat surface. Because it is airport friendly, you can also breeze through security without the extra hassle of having to remove your laptop. Now would someone tell the TSA!!! I’m tired of standing barefoot and shlepping my gear in and out of my bags when there are so many checkpoint friendly bags now – yet I still get asked to take everything out. The main compartment protects your iPad, netbook, Kindle or other small devices and has a headphone cord pass through opening. Available in Black for $49.95.

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