Vandelay iPhone 4 Inlayed Shell and Holster Review

The Vandelay iPhone 4 Inlayed Shell and Holster two piece polycarbonate shell will come in handy if you are someone who uses a docking station a lot, or are a fan of holster clips. The bottom piece of the shell is removable for docking. It just slips right out. The holster has a rotatable clip on it, that also swings into a kickstand position with a slide of a button. This will allow for ease of viewing horizontally and vertically, as pictured.

Trying to put on a lot of iPhone cases are like trying to squeeze into that too small pair of jeans, it involves some hopping, grunts, and pliers. That is not the case with this shell though. Since the bottom piece removes, it is easy as pie, with a gentle slide in. It is texturized so that the iPhone won’t fall out if you remove the bottom piece. It is also fairly secure. The holsters allows you to place the phone facing in or out of it. This is nice to protect the face from scratches, as long as you have a good ear to hear the rings, since you won’t be seeing the face.

AGF’s Vandelay iPhone 4 Inlayed Shell and Holster comes in two designs: carbon fiber, and red leather. The red leather is slightly reminiscent of the feel and look of a basketball. The grippiness of it is a definite plus. Both cases offer full access to all necessary spaces. This is a case that could be very useful for someone who’s car dock requires them to dock the iPhone a lot. Or for a business person who needs the phone on the belt, for quick access. The clip is also useful for clipping onto a purse. At $34.99, these cases make for a good buy that will get lots of use and plenty of wear and tear, but leave your iPhone, in a much better condition. AT&T stores currently carry these cases and have even selected them as a staff pick.

The Good: Easy to put on, has a removable bottom portion for easy docking, Kickstand allows for easy viewing.
The Bad: More variety in color choices would be nice.

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