Beam N Read LED Book and E-Reader Light Review

The Beam N Read LED 3 and LED 6 is a portable light that hangs around your neck for reading books, magazines, E-Readers and more. Despite the dated-looking package design, the Beam N Read LED 3 and 6 both function very well. The LED 3 and LED 6 are basically the same, except the LED 6 has six LED bulbs, twice as many as LED 3. Both offer some pretty solid lighting for under $27. Dive in to the review to see what we thought.

What’s in the Box

– 1x Beam N Read light
– 4x AA Batteries
– 1x Clip on Red Filter

– 1x Beam N Read light
– 4x AA Batteries
– 1x Clip on Red Filter
– 1x Clip on Orange Filter
– 1x 4”x5” Magnifying Lens
– 1x Flip-Down Magnifier Holder


Both Beam N Read LED lights could serve a thousand purposes. It works great for any type of reading: books, magazines, documents, kindles, nooks, and E-Readers. But it also works as a flashlight for any occasion and is especially helpful because it’s hands free. The light is worn around your neck with the adjustable neck strap. As it hangs from your neck, you flip the light up to turn it on. It can be tilted to give you the optimal angle for your light beam. The LED 3 will light up both pages of a full sized book. The LED 6 is not a whole lot brighter, but it offers a much larger range of light. Both LED 3 and 6 are bright and offer ample reading light. They get pretty bright, which is why both include the red filter that snaps on to the light to give a softer shade of light.  The LED 6 includes a 4”x5” magnifying lens that clips on to the light. The magnifier makes it easier to read fine print.  Both Beam N Read lights require 4 x AA batteries. The LED 6 lasts 48 hours and the LED 3 lasts 120 hours. The company claims the high powered white LED bulbs do not burn out.


The LED 6 and LED 3 both function great; in fact, they function perfectly–but they’re not perfect. One of our big gripes was the neck strap. The neck strap is not padded for comfort and it is not easily adjustable. The LED 3 strap is a little shorter than the LED 6 strap and it may rub against your face. The LED 3 weighs 5.5 ounces and LED 6 weighs 6.25 ounces. This is kind of heavy for an LED flashlight. It’s nothing your neck can’t handle, but after wearing it for an extended period of time, you may start to feel it. The colored filters that were included were helpful in converting the bright white light to a shade that is easier on the eyes. The filters are a little tricky to properly apply. The light itself was perfect for any type of reading. It worked well whether I was sitting down or standing up.


The Beam N Read LED 3 and LED 6 are great reading lights. They have a few imperfections like the uncomfortable strap and the tricky shaded filters. The flip up design is practical and easy to use. The LED 3 can be purchased from Amazon for $19.95 and the LED 6 can be purchased on Amazon for $26.95. Both models work just as well as each other for reading. It comes down to personal preference. LED 3 is lighter and lasts over twice as long with the 4 AA batteries, but LED 6 offers a broader light range, an orange filter, and a magnifying glass for just a few bucks extra.

The Good: Offers ample light for any kind of reading, easy to use, long charge
The Bad: Neck strap is uncomfortable and not easy to adjust, shaded filters are tricky to apply, kind of heavy

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