Blink Now Device Sits On Your Display and Reminds You to Blink

If you’re like us, and you spend hours in front of a computer each day, then you might suffer from Computer Vision Syndrome. Symptoms include dryness, soreness, irritation and redness of the eyes,  headaches, blurred vision, migraines and eye strain while looking at your monitor. To combat this condition, BLAZE has come out with Blink Now a web-cam sized device that works on encouraging you to regularly blink while working on your computer. Blink Now is powered via USB and is designed to sit on top of your computer display, just like a web-cam. There is no software required for Blink Now to work either. Blink Now is available for preorder now for £49.99.

“… a web-cam sized device specifically designed to give you the subconscious physical prompt needed to maintain a healthy blink rate with minimal distraction. The principal behind the device is to create a platform of interaction using your peripheral visual field.”


  1. Wow…very inovative solutions, i work 8 hours every day and sometime i feel dryness, but can this work with Mac ?