iRobot Reveals R&D Robot Jambots

Today in New York, we got a chance to look under the hood at some of iRobot’s latest ingenious technologies. iRobot didn’t announce any new Roomba products, but we still had the opportunity to see some of the neat R&D projects they are working on. At the event, iRobot talked about their iAdapt responsive cleaning technology – in a nutshell, this is what makes Roomba so special. This tech enables the device to adapt with the use of software and sensors so that it can thoroughly clean a room or area of a home, and that includes being able to access difficult to reach areas.

But we were especially excited about the Research and Development showcase at the event, this is where iRobot showed off technologies that are truly in their infancy. For example, some of these up and coming technologies consisted of new smaller mobile robots that will one day be able to make their way through rough terrain and enable the military to safely capture images and scans of locations. Weighing just about one pound each, these robots will be so small that they could be placed just about anywhere and scattered all over different locations – kind of like insects collecting data.

Their Jambots were the other standout innovative concept on display. The Jambots are soft robots that have the ability to take on different shapes and sizes – enabling them to be used in precarious situations whether in a consumer environment or business one. iRobot themselves even hinted at the fact of these bots being similar in vein to Terminator 2’s T-1000 liquid metal robot. I might have just witnessed a Cylon in the making…

Many of these concepts from iRobot are just now starting to make their way into the spotlight, in an effort for the company to see if there is a way to actually apply them in the real world. Check out the videos and pics of some of these exciting new innovations coming from iRobot, that may or may not see the light of day sometime soon.


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