So Kodak M590 Campaign Commercials Wants Rihanna to Share

I have to give props to Kodak’s latest ad campaign So Kodak – not only does it show off the Kodak M590 with its share button and sharing capabilities, but they have also managed to wrangle some of today’s top music stars – Drake, PitBull, and Trey Songz, to be their new spokespersons. The latest one to join the ‘share’ party is Rihanna.  But to someone new just watching the commercials, they may be confused as to what is going on since each commercial is actually a continuation from a previous commercial in the series. The campaign has PitBull, Drake and Trey Songz sharing photos of each other at random places, and then Rihanna later gets added to the mix.

The one thing to notice about all the commercials is that they all receive the images on their phones or laptops first. In these cases, these devices just happen to be an iPhone, BlackBerry, iPad, and Facebook on a Macbook – product placement at its best.   So far there have been 6 commercials in all and who knows who the next celeb will be that Kodak decides to share with next. One things for sure, we know it won’t be Lady Gaga – Polaroid already has their clutches on her.

Trey Songz Receives Share from Drake

PitBull Receives Share from Trey Songz

Drake Relieves Share from PitBull

Rihanna Receives Kodak share from PitBull

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