VTech LS6245 Expandable Cordless Phone System with Bluetooth Review

If you didn’t think that a landline phone could be sexy, think again. The new VTech LS6245 is one of the most gorgeous landline cordless phone systems I have seen in awhile that is affordably priced, with a feature-set to match its good looks. But before you go ahead and make fun of us, yes, we still use a landline – or rather, a VOIP line. Despite what you may have heard, the traditional phone system is not dead and with a cordless phone system like the VTech LS6245 around, you wont even be embarrassed to still be using one.


The VTech LS6245 Expandable Cordless Phone System with Bluetooth Wireless Technology sports a high gloss black finish with metallic accents on its handset and base. Both the handset and the base feature a white backlit keypad, a large reverse LCD with white back-lighting, and keypads that are touch sensitive. Look ma, no buttons! The touch-sensitive keypads on both the handset and base are very responsive and are a pleasure to use. As a matter of fact, they make traditional buttons seem so old school.

Also, both the handset and base offer full access to all of the functionality of the device – Both sport dedicated volume keys, a full numeric keypad, along with a dedicated Hold and Cell key. We’ll get to the Cell key later. The base of the LS6245 also has a large reverse LCD with white back-lighting for viewing Caller ID, accessing voice messages on the built-in answering machine, as well as accessing settings, etc. However, there are a few minor difference between handset and base. For starters, the base has a dedicated set of keys for playing, fast forwarding, rewinding and deleting voice messages. These same keys are not used on the handset. Also, all the keys on the handset are back-lit, but oddly enough, only the “Home” and “Cell” key on the base are actually back-lit, while the rest of the keys are not back-lit.

Features and Performance

If a cordless phone system makes you nervous because you’re afraid that someone might be able to eavesdrop on your calls, than the LS6245 has got you covered. The system makes sure that every call is digitized and encrypted so that no one can eavesdrop on you. The VTech LS6245 also features DECT 6.0 technology for the best sound quality and range possible. We found calls to be crisp and clear, even more so than the year old VTech handset that we were using previously.

The system’s menu system is very intuitive, easy to use and very responsive. It really doesn’t take much to find and access its features and settings. The large reverse LCD with white back-lighting also aids in operating the menu system easily, even in dim lighting.

Also, both the handset and the base have a speakerphone, so you can have a hands-free conversation at your leisure.  When using both the handset or base’s speakerphone, I can hear callers clearly and loudly, and callers have mostly not been able to tell that I am on speakerphone when I speak to them!  I also have yet to experience any interference – and I’ve been using the handset mostly while I’m sitting at my computer. I actually have its base stationed right next to my computer, but there still has been no interference. Things certainly have come along way since the olden days when cordless phones and computers didn’t get along!

The system also comes with a digital answering machine, Caller ID with the ability to save up-to 100 calls, as well as the ability to save up-to 100 names with phone numbers in the phonebook directory. The answering machine allows for 14 minutes of recording time, it provides an audible time and date stamp on recorded messages., and you can also call in and check your voicemail messages remotely. In addition, the system comes with a nice assortment of 18 fun ringtones. Some other features include a page/handset locator function, an intercom function between handsets, the ability to transfer calls between handsets, the ability to conference an outside call between handsets.

Bluetooth / Cell Phone Connectivity

The LS6245 features bluetooth so that you can pair up-to 4 cell phone to the system. Two cell phones can be connected to the LS6245 simultaneously and the first cell phone call will be routed to the LS6245. In order to pair your first Bluetooth cell phone, you’ll have to do so using the base. The base’s LCD display walks you through the process of connecting your cell phone to it via bluetooth. It even shows you the Pin on screen that you need to use to connect your cell phone so that there is no resorting to a manual. However my iPhone 4 was able to pair up with it instantly without having to even input the LS6245’s pin. Once you’re paired you’ll be able to make and receive both landlines and cellular calls. You can also touch the dedicated “Cell” button on the base, or on the handset, and you’ll be able to use the VTech LS6245 to dial phone numbers through your cell phone, essentially transforming the LS6245 into a kind of handsfree device (except that it’s not really handsfree, unless you are on speakerphone).

We’ve seen similar Bluetooth functionality on some other handsets, but never has it been integrated so elegantly and efficiently. Usually the setup process is more complex and requires some head scratching, and Bluetooth soons ends up being one of those features that you never use much. But that is not the case with the LS6245, as I find myself pairing it with my iPhone 4 a lot now – especially since I so often experience dropped calls with my iPhone 4 (yes, even with a case on). By pairing my iPhone 4 with the LS6245, my iPhone  is able to rest in the same spot without me having to worry about gripping it the wrong way or doing something that will cause it to drop a call. The LS6245 also allows me to charge the iPhone 4 while I’m in another room making calls with it. All in all this Bluetooth feature of the LS6245 ends up being very useful – so that even if you don’t have a landline, the LS6245 can become a handsfree/ extended handset for your cell phone.


I cant emphasize how much I’m enjoying the the VTech LS6245. I’m even even using our landline more often because of it! So far battery life on the handset seems good too. In any case, the combination of sleek good looks, neat touch sensitive buttons, an easy to use menu system and rich feature set make the VTech LS6245 Expandable Cordless Phone System with Bluetooth Wireless Technology, the cordless phone system to beat. The LS6245 has even managed impress guests who use it. And how often can you get someone to be impressed by a landline phone system nowadays? The VTech LS6245 retails for a very reasonable $79.85 and is expandable with up-to 12 handsets, but we spotted it going for as low as $69.99 at NewEgg. In any case, the system certainly looks more expensive than it actually is. I did however notice something odd though about the actual LS6245 on the VTech’s corporate site – the design in the photos of the system are actually different than the unit we received. Our guess is that is an old rendering since Newegg seems to have a unit identical to the one used in this review.

Want to win the Vtech LS6245 for yourself? We’re giving one away!

The Good:
Every essential feature you could want, easy to use interface, touch sensitive keys are cool, luxury-like design is super slick, reasonably priced for such a good looking and functional phone, able to make and receive both landlines and cellular calls when connected via bluetooth to a cell phone

The Bad:
Most of the keys on the base are not back-lit, which means operating it in the dark will be difficult, lacks a color display, both handset and base pick up fingerprints and smudges easily

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