Dyson DC26 Multi Floor Vacuum Review

Sometimes a robot can’t do what good old fashioned manual labor can. The Neato XV-11, Roomba’s, Scooba’s, Mint, can be very convenient, yet cleaning steps or getting into nooks and crannies still require the traditional canister vacuum and all its accessories. And if you live in a small NYC apartment getting the right one that is powerful enough as well as small enough to share the same closet with your clothes can be a difficult challenge. That’s where the new Dyson DC26 Multi Floor comes in.  It might just be the perfect vacuum for urbanites that want the traditional sucking power of the bigger vacuums but in a petite size small enough for even a typical NYC apartment.

When you see the DC26 Multi Floor you right away think of DC23 Turbinehead. They are almost identical in design and actually the DC26 can be considered the kid sister of the bigger DC23. The DC26 Multi Floor is actually the Americanized name of this vacuum as it was previously called Dyson City in Europe. Yes, the DC26 is new to the USA but not to Europe, where it has already been sucking up dirt in homes for about a year now. However just because it’s smaller doesn’t mean it lacks any muscle or signature Dyson engineering. The DC26 has 160 Air Watts of suction power, concentrated root cyclone technology, a HEPA filter, and a 0.15 gallon bin capacity. It also comes with a hard floor tool, a crevice tool, a smaller turbinehead brush bar, bristle brush tool, and a fabric tool. The DC26 is also extremely easy to put together and is almost as long as the DC23 when assembled with the hose,wand handle and it’s telescoping extension tube.

The one big gripe I had about the DC23 Turbinehead was how loud and cumbersome the vacuum could be while maneuvering it around your apartment. Well the DC26 certainly makes it a whole lot easier to get around any odd or small shaped apartment. It zips with you wherever you go, and doesn’t topple over like other bigger vacuums might because of its size. It easily tags along behind you and the hard floor tool is a joy to work with as it sucked up that dirt right off of my hardwood floors. It’s articulating head makes it a breeze to go under furniture or get into to corners where dirt likes to pile up. And while the DC26 is loud, and it may be quieter than the DC23, I still wouldn’t suggest vacuuming late at night if you live in an apartment building with thin walls.

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The DC26’s electrical cord extends pretty far out for a vac this size and the hose is practically the same length as the bigger DC23, so you won’t have to tug and pull to reach tight areas. The other included tools work easily as well, snapping into place on the extension tube as you would snap LEGO’s together with ease.

Emptying the bin is easy as well, the compartment easily releases from the machine with a push of a button and with another button push on the dirt bin, the dust and debris empties into a garbage can.

Once again though, like with the DC23, being conscious of the blowing air from behind the machine is important. You don’t want to make clean areas of your home dirty again. I also would have liked to have seen a power button on the Wand handle. It’s annoying to have to keep stopping and lowering to the machine to keep turning it on and off or trying to hit it with my foot and often missing. Many vacuums like for example a Kenmore, offer a dual power button, one on the handle and the other on the machine.

While suction on my hardwood floors was excellent, I did have to stroke my high pile carpet back and forth a bit to get up every little piece of dirt on it. This isn’t a deal breaker by any means and it still did much better than other smaller vacs I have tried from Hoover to Shark. Even my little robotic buddies don’t get up every speck.

The Dyson DC26 Multi Floor will make you love vacuuming. It has everything you could need. It’s small, compact, and powerful. It will clean carpets and floors well. It may not be as powerful or have as large a dirt bin as the DC23 or the other Dyson Canister vacs, but it’s perfect for those who live in small quarters but always wanted to own a Dyson but never had the room to store one. If anything your housekeeper will love it. However, the DC26 will probably give you sticker shock since it costs as much as its bigger cousins. However it turns out that good things do come in small packages. The Dyson DC26 Multi Floor retails for $399.99 or for the next 24hours you can get it for 15% off at Dyson.

The Good: Compact, powerful, easy to stowaway. Includes great accessories like the articulating hard floor tool.

The Bad: Performs just average on high pile carpeting. I wish the power button was on the wand handle. Pricey.

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