GoPet Tread Wheel is a Hamster Wheel for Dogs

I have seen many unique items for pets in my day, but this might just take the cake. GoPet is a company that sells hamster wheels…or rather, tread wheels for your dogs. Its main goal is to get all that energy out of your pup as he/she runs runs runs in his/her wheel. The Tread Wheel claims to help maintain a balanced dog by allowing your pet to exert their energy in a positive way.  And you don’t have to be afraid that your dog will fly out as he/she runs because there is a cover you can purchase separately to keep your pet enclosed in the wheel.

But believe it or not, this contraption is VERY pricey and certainly a lot more expensive than some plain old hamster wheel! The GoPet Tread Wheel comes in three different sizes for toy breeds, small breeds to medium breeds and ranges in price from $375.03 and upwards.