Navigosphere is a Sphere Shaped Browser That Someone on Four Loko Would Enjoy

If you thought browsing the web was , the Navigosphere is about to make it even more complicated. The Navigosphere is an internet browser in the shape of a sphere. You can add up to 48 bookmarks on the sphere and also browse the web directly from the sphere. In addition the sphere is probably the coolest with a touchscreen computer because at the touch of your finger, you can spin the sphere around and access your favorite sites from all points. I thought Windows Phone 7 was complex, however this just gives me a headache. On top of all of this, the folks behind Navigosphere claim that this is also an eco-friendly way to surf the net as it requires less clicks to get around reducing your carbon footprint on the world…..um ok.

Internet Explorer and Firefox will both work with the Navigosphere but with an add-on. All I know is, this is what it must look like to surf the web when you drink too much Four Loko. The Navigosphere retails for 8 € ($10 USD) or 49 € ($66 USD) depending on the license you purchase.

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