The Ultimate Girl Gamers Video Game Guide for the Holidays

With so many consoles and new accessories out, it’s hard to discern which games might suit your tastes. Do you prefer the riggers of exercising when it comes to the Wii, PS3 or XBox? Do you yearn for classic arcade style games or the ever popular music rhythm games? Don’t forget there is always the good ol’ RPG. No matter what your likes or dislikes are, below is a list that will hopefully make it easier to choose amongst the plethora of video games out this holiday season.

SingStar Dance – PS3

The PlayStation Move and Eye have combined to make the SingStar experience bigger and better than ever before. In SingStar Dance, you can sing along with your favorite pop songs as always, but now you can dance along to them as well, while the PlayStation move controller tracks your movements. You can get the party started with head-to-head modes for singles and teams. You can unleash your inner pop star for $39.99, only on the PlayStation 3.

TV Superstars – PS3

Turn your television fantasies into reality with TV Superstars, for the PlayStation 3. You can use the PlayStation Move and Eye to track your movements while you show off your talents in five different reality TV shows. The better you do, the bigger of a star you become. Death-defying stunts, songs in the kitchen, home remodeling, and a lot more are on tap in TV Superstars, which is available now for $39.99.

Get Fit With Mel B – PS3

Spice up your life, and get in shape in the process, with Get Fit With Mel B for the PlayStation 3 and Wii. The former Spice Girl will lead you through a complete fitness regimen, including nutrition, all the while making getting fit fun like never before. It’s another fun way to use the PlayStation Move, and stands out in the tidal wave of motion-controlled gaming hitting the shelves for all platforms this holiday season. You can grab Get Fit With Mel B for the fitness freak in your family for $39.99.

Brain and Body Connection – Xbox 360

For XBOX 360 owners, you can finally experience what Brain Age brought to Nintendo with Brain and Body Connection, a title for the newly released Kinect. Unlike Brain Age, though, you’ll be using your body to solve different brain teasers and raise your brain age. It’s great for all ages, and goes a long way toward keeping the mind and body healthy, active and in-tune with one another. You’ll have to use your holiday gift cards on this one, though; it doesn’t come out until early 2011, when you can buy it for $49.99.

Game Party: In Motion – Xbox 360

You can play your favorite arcade games without any controller but your own body with Game Party: In Motion, only for the Kinect for the XBOX 360. You can play everything from bowling to basketball to a family-friendly game of beer pong (ping cup), using only movements you make with your body. You might look a bit silly at first, but once everyone gets in on the fun, it’ll be a blast for all involved. Game Party: In Motion can be picked up right now for $39.99.

Jillian Michaels: Fitness Ultimatum 2011 – Wii

Jillian Michaels continues to throw down the gauntlet to everyone around the world to get active and in shape with Jillian Michaels: Fitness Ultimatum 2011, out now for the Wii for $39.99. Giving the gift of fitness won’t be as dull as it has been in the past, though. This time, you can embark on a story mode where you use your new fitness skills to fight an evil food and drug corporation bent on unhealthiness and obesity for all. Fight against the fat this holiday season with a gift that will get the whole family off the couch and having a blast.

Rock Band 3 – PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, Nintendo DS

The next iteration of the wildly popular Rock Band series has hit stores, bringing over 80 new songs to rock out to with all of your friends. It’s a great gift for any music fan (and come on, who isn’t one?), and is sure to be a hit at the family gatherings during the holidays. Best of all, the new Rock Band now works with a new keyboard peripheral that opens up whole new ways to play the new songs that come with Rock Band 3. Of course, all of your old Rock Band songs work with Rock Band 3, as well. You can buy Rock Band 3 for the PlayStation 3, XBOX 360, Wii and Nintendo DS now for $59.99, and the keyboard peripheral bundle for $129.99.

Sonic the Hedgehog 4 – Xbox live, iTunes, PSN

The blue blur is back to his true, 2D side-scrolling form in the downloadable Sonic the Hedgehog 4. The game is being released gradually in episodes, with episode 1 already available for purchase. It’s a revamped old-school experience that Sonic fans have been clamoring for for years, so it’ll be like manna from heaven for any Sonic fan in the family. The game is available for download from XBOX Live Arcade, the PlayStation Network, WiiWare and the Apple iTunes Store, for about $14.99 for the first three and $6.99 for the iOS version.

Crazy Taxi – PSN

Let’s be honest. At some point in your life, whether you owned a Dreamcast or not, you probably played Crazy Taxi, and you probably loved it. Well, get ready to fall in love all over again. For about $9.99, you can download the Dreamcast classic from the XBOX Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network, and start tearing through streets performing stunts and dropping off frazzled passengers. Any gamer will go nuts when they see this sitting in their game library unexpectedly during the holidays. For a good dose of nostalgia this year, you can’t do much better.

EA Sports Active 2 – Xbox 360, PS3, Wii

EA Sports Active 2 goes a little farther than most other fitness games out on the market for the XBOX 360, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii. Rather than some waggle here and there, you’ll be getting a wireless heart rate monitor and motion sensor leg and arm straps enclosed with the game. You can see your vitals on screen at any time, and have complete freedom of movement without needing to hang on to a controller or worry about wires. You’ve got to shell out a bit more for EA Sports Active 2, which comes in at $99.99, but for the discerning fitness fiend on your holiday shopping list, it could make the perfect gift this December.

Sims 3 (for Consoles)

We love the Sims and have been playing it ever since the very first one launched on CD-Rom for Windows. However, over 10 years have passed since the original Sims dropped and it has only gotten finer with age. Sims 3 is available on all consoles and once again your imagination can run wild as you create your characters, homes, and control their destiny in the palm of your hands- while still remembering to feed, bathe, and tuck them in at night. The Sims 3 has some new features like Karma Powers that let you take away your Sims’s happiness in a flash or give them everything they desire all with a push of a button. You can also share creations and other content with others online. The Sims 3 retails for $34.99 to $39.99 on Amazon for all consoles.

Mass Effect 2 – Xbox 360, PS3

Mass Effect 2 is a space based RPG and probably one of the best RPG’s games in recent years.  When ME2 launched, it had a lot to live up to in regards to the original and delivered in spades. Still very much intact is the ability of being able to play this game as either a male or female character. Depending on actions you take throughout the game, you will alter your characteristics of your character, change gameplay, or unlock new abilities. Each level of the game involves both action as well as an engrossing storyline. Mass Effect 2 will totally immerse you in its galaxy and will leave you wanting more. Both novice as well as expert gamers with love it. Mass Effect 2 retails for $17.96 on Amazon or in Jan, Mass Effect 2 will be available on PS3.

Fable III- Xbox 360

Fable III is the latest installment of this intensely popular series. This latest version will have you fight alongside people in your community, make tough decisions, all the while trying to gain power and ultimately the throne to rule Albion. The best part is that the crown can be attained by either a male or female character in the game. Fight in battle, start a family, or get chased around town by a jilted boyfriend or girlfriend. Fable III will take you just about anywhere and your ultimate ending is based upon the choices you make throughout the game – good or evil. Fable III currently retails for $35 on Amazon.

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  1. For all the haters out there – we’re well aware of the fact that many girls enjoy games like Call of Duty, Halo and whatever else. The point of this list was to point out games that are mostly coming out this season that some people may or may not be aware of, or at-least the casual gamer might not know about them yet. Do we expect the hard-core gamer girl to play games on this list? Not necessarily.

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