iDeck Cassette Adapter Now Works with iPhone 4

How many of us still have a cassette deck in our cars and no Aux jack. I’m sure plenty, which only frustrates us when we want to listen to music from our iPhone or iPod and don’t want to be subjected to those unpredictable FM Transmitters. Fortunately, iDeck has released the 2nd version of this popular dock and it will now will support the iPhone 4 and other generations of the iPhone. Previously it only worked with iPods and the concept is still the same. Just pop the adapter into your cassette deck and mount your iPhone. You can even talk to people through the car speakers if you receive a call while the iPhone is docked. The iDeck Cassette Adapter for the iPhone retails for $49.99.

One Comment

  1. How is this newsworthy? My $5 cassette adapter fits into the headphone jack. It can be used in any device, not just an iPhone. Yes, I’d rather have an aux jack too, but this is silly…$50?!

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