Cuckoo Clock App Has its Own Cardboard Cuckoo Faceplate

Apps and More has probably just come out with one of the coolest iPhone/iPod Touch apps and accessory combos I have seen. They have not only released a unique lifestyle clock app, but also companion faceplates. So for instance, you download their iPhone app and select a clock theme of a cuckoo clock and there is a cuckoo clock faceplate that can accompany it too. This is similar in concept to the Birdbox we wrote about last year. The iPhone/iPod Touch fits into a holder and the front of it lets you snap on or off several different faceplates that look like a cuckoo clock, handbag, or digital radio faceplate. Currently the lifestyle clock app is not available in the U.S. iTunes store but you can buy the faceplates in the meantime for $13.20. Each purchase includes a holder and two faceplates, plus a bonus faceplate. I’m sure the app will make its way stateside very soon.

Update 01/26/11: The clock app is now available.

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