Who iHeart’s this iPod jewelry box?

If you grew up on a diet of Disney, waiting for your Prince to come this might be the jewelry box of your dreams, for others it’s a glittery piece of kit that brings a little vomit to the mouth. The iHeart Jewelry box combines a heart shaped jewellery box with an iPod dock and integrated speaker. You have a rather pretty mirror finish on the outside, and a heart shaped mirror situated within the lid.

You get two 2watt speakers, and you can also listen to tunes via headphones as there is a 3.5mm jack.

The controls are very basic, but provide you with everything you need- and you use heart shaped buttons to control everything! It’s compatible with every iPod and iPhone product, all the way back to the 1st generation of Nano!

Little girls will love it, everyone else might find it a little too bling.

Available from Mono Concept- no sign of a US price or availability.

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