iRobot Debuts Roomba 700 Series with New Design and Touch Interface

Along with the new Scooba 230, the next generation Roomba, the 700 series, will also make its debut this week at CES 2011.  The iRobot Roomba 700 Series will include models 760, 770, 780. Some major improvements to the line are a sleeker design, and the new AeroVac Series II Bin with a powerful vacuum that maximizes air flow through Roomba’s cleaning head to pull hair and dirt off the brushes and into the bin. A complaint we have had with previous generations of Roomba’s has always been the brush clean-up after a thorough vacuuming was performed – so we’re especially glad to see this upgrade.

iRobot Roomba 780 in Action. Check out the

The entire line-up will also be getting a bumper with a soft-touch polymer coating to protect your walls and furniture from smacks. Model specific upgrades like a full bin Indicator light, which turns on when Roomba’s optical sensor detects a full dust bin, will only be available on the Roomba 770 and 780 models. The 770 and 780 models will also feature Dirt Detect Series 2 which uses an optical sensor to detect popcorn, lint or paper chads, and soot for a more intense cleaning to get up these fine dirt particles. Last but not least, only available on the Roomba 780, will be a sensor Touchpad interface – so there will be no more old fashioned physical buttons for controlling this little robotic vacuum.

So there you have it, the newest members of the iRobot family. My floors are shaking in delightful anticipation. The 700 series launches in the spring.

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Update 05/31/2011: Check out our full review of the 700 series


  1. I am not sure if lack of buttons is good.
    I usually turn it on by toes with socks, so I am not sure how this will work now.

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