It’s Raining Samsung SD Cards! Amen! – From Space

A few months back, Samsung reached out to the public to submit photos and videos which were then transferred on to 100 Samsung SD cards. These memory cards were attached to paper planes and sent up to space using a helium balloon. So if you manage to find one of these cards, Samsung is encouraging you to visit the Project Space Planes Website where you can enter a plane’s number, and in turn you’ll be able to contact the person who originally left a video or photo message on the card.

This is project is totally a modern day version of a message in a bottle. Oh, and of-course it helps Samsung sell their memory cards by proving how the cards are space-proof.

Between Ken finding Barbie on Match.com, and this Viral stunt by Samsung, this week is certainly turning out to be an interesting one in terms of fun marketing ploys.

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