SkunkJuice Earbuds Lets Your Friends Share the Music Love – Magnetically

SkunkJuice might seem like an odd name for a pair of earbuds. But this unique gadget will be launching at CES next week and will turn sharing your music with friends into a whole new experience. SkunkJuice earbuds and headphones utilize magnetic connection technology. No more passing around the one earbud for your pal to listen with. SkunkJuice’s magnetic contact points allow for quick attachment allowing users to easily connect with other users’ and their earbuds/headphones. The magnetic connections easily connect or breakaway when needed. When SkunkJuice launches their line-up it will include categories for Teen, Professional, Government and Sports. It will be interesting to get a hands on with this next week and see if indeed everyone needs to have SkunkJuice Earbuds in order for this to work. But in the meantime you can enjoy the quite comical video debuting the earbuds in all their SkunkJuice glory.

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