Aerial7 Tank Mondrian Headphones Review

We can’t get enough of fun and trendy-looking headphones, and they don’t get much trendier then the Aerial7 Tank Headphones. These over-the-ear DJ-style headphones come in a variety of fab color schemes and all feature big sound, large swiveling ear cups, comfortable padded headbands, and interchangeable cables.

We tested out the Tank Mondrian headphones, which was designed with creative direction from AERIAL7 ambassador Josh Madden and is inspired by the artwork of Dutch painter Piet Mondrian.

“The Headphone idea came about when Mondrian kept showing up in my life repeatedly. Mondrian has been in my life for years, growing up in an art and music family. For some reason the work has always felt like the future and the past all at once to me,” – Josh Madden

The Aerial7 Tank Mondrian Headphones come with a straight cable featuring a mic and control button for Apple iOS, Android, and BlackBerry devices. The button can pause/play, skip tracks (double and triple click), and answer or end a call. The Tank’s also come with a coiled cable for any other device and a quarter inch plug adapter. The headphones have large squishy ear cups which are comfortable enough to wear all day. I can also say from experience, they function as pretty good ear muffs in the winter. The headphone cable is attached to the left ear bud only; it’s eight inches long, and there’s a standard 3.5mm plug that the interchangeable cables plug into.

The build quality of the headphones is pretty solid; they have some nice weight to them and don’t feel cheap. The casing is constructed of a sturdy, yet soft, matte plastic. The ear cups can swivel on three axes, giving you the freedom to listen to one ear cup as a DJ would. This also allows you to fold the headphones up when it’s time to store them. It comes with a silk drawstring pouch for added protection. It also comes with a headphone splitter.

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If you’re not an audiophile and not expecting the highest-fidelity audio quality, you’ll be pleased with the performance. The sound quality is pretty good. The bass is certainly present and does not overshadow the music. The mids sound a bit muffled, and the highs could be clearer. You can’t hear any noticeable distortion in the music, which is good too. The microphone works perfectly for phone calls. It’s well placed at neck level and sounds just as good as Apple’s earbuds. The button, on the other hand, has very flaky feedback. The one press functions always works fine (play/pause/answer call/end call or holding the button brings up voice control). The double and triple press functions, for skipping tracks, is extremely finicky; and often times it just doesn’t work, and sometimes it even raises and lowers the volume. This was tested on an iPhone running iOS 4.1.

The Aerial7 Tank Headphones are available in 8 awesome designs, including a Hello Kitty version. The colorful model that we reviewed (and more-or-less loved) is the TANK MONDRIAN. They retail for $80 – $90 but can be purchased on Amazon for $70-$75. The Aerial7 Tank series has designs like no other headphones out there, plus they’re extremely comfortable, but considering the audio quality is not amazing, this price point is a bit high. The mic and control button does add a lot of value to the headphones though, even if the button does not always work perfectly.

The Good: Comfortable, well built, awesome designs, includes interchangeable cables and carrying case, iOS/BlackBerry/Android remote and mic.

The Bad: Pricey for the just-decent sound quality, shoddy remote button.

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