MacVelope Sleeve for 11-Inch and 13-inch MacBook Air (2011) Review

When the first generation MacBook Air came out, there were a slew of companies that came out with sleeves for it that resembled manilla envelopes. Unfortunately a lot of these companies are gone. That’s why we were so excited when we saw Grantwood Technology’s MacVelope sleeve for the new 11-inch and 13-inch MacBook Airs. After all, there is only one proper way to store a Macbook Air, and that is inside a manilla envelope-inspired sleeve!

The MacVelope is made of a durable vinyl on the outside and a ballistic nylon on the inside which provides plenty of shock protection and padding, without bulking up your bag. The case is pretty lightweight too, so you wont weigh down your anorexic beauty. The case keeps your Air secure with a Velcro closure along the top. We find this design very agreeable, since it makes it easy to slide the Air out of a backpack, without having to remove the MacVelope case too. This is a simple time saver when you’re going through airport security and need to take out your laptop to throw in a bin. The MacVelope also has a red string thrown on its design to complete the manila envelope look. Unfortunately the red string is flimsy and ours has already ripped off after a week or so of traveling with it.

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Overall, the MacVelope sleeve is an adorable, yet still pretty practical bag with an affordable $21.99 price tag. The fact that its red string is flimsy is disappointing, but hardly a deal breaker. We still recommend the MacVelope sleeve for MacBook Air users. A MacVelop for the 13-inch MacBook air is also available.

The Good: Adorable sleeve, not too bulky but still provides ample protection, reasonably priced
The Bad: Flimsy red string

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