I Am T-Pain App Comes to Life with I Am T-Pain Mic

T-Pain has joined forces with Creative Designs International (CDI), a division of JAKKS Pacific to launch the I Am T-Pain Mic. Inspired by the I Am T-Pain App, The I Am T-Pain Mic enables you to sound like music artist T-Pain, who changed the face of modern music by revolutionizing the use of voice modification technology into a sound and style now known as “The T-Pain Effect.” Designed in four different styles, the I Am T-Pain Mic lets you sing or freestyle, and then record and play back your top hits with the “T-Pain Effect”.

With three demo beats and soundbytes provided by Nappy Boy’s own Young Fyre, it’s as if you’re in a real recording studio! The I Am T-Pain Mic is MP3 compatible so you can record and sing along to your favorite tracks. Connect the I Am T-Pain Mic to your computer to download and share your recordings with your friends online, or plug in headphones for more discreet play.  You can also expect to see I Am T-Pain speakers launching too. I Am T-Pain Mic is expected in stores in Fall 2011 and will retail for $39.99.

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