Techno Source Tetris Link

Unplug yourself with the Tetris Link, a new four-person strategy game. Tetris is one of the most-recognized casual gaming brands in the world, Techno Source has pulled its essence out of the digital world and formatted it for the tabletop. With Tetris Link, each player chooses a color and battles to score the most points by linking their blocks. Players take turns rolling the die and then drop whatever piece the die chooses. The goal is to link as many of your colored pieces together as possible, while also trying to sabotage others in the process. Earn three points for the first three tetriminos linked, and one point for each additional. For every hole you create in the Tetris board, you lose a point. Players keep track of the points with the sliding score-markers on the sides. When the board is full the player with the highest score wins. Tetris Link is for 2-4 players and will retail for $19.99 in Spring 2011.