Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2011

Valentine’s Day. The holiday of chocolates, flowers, jewelry and…oh, right, love. Well, love might still remain a constant, but the first three probably haven’t been in the highest demand for a few years (or decades). Tech makes the world go round these days, so if you want to impress your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day (or if you need to drop some subtle or not-so-subtle hints), here’s a list of the hottest tech for Cupid’s Day 2011.

Pop the Question Ring

Valentine’s Day is prime time for popping the question. Of course, just the thought of the question is enough to said most people into a panic. It’s no surprise; pressure pours out of the idea, especially of the ring decision. Every detail needs to be exactly right, and sometimes, you feel like you just need to ask the other person to be sure. Now you can have your wedding cake and eat it, too, with the Pop the Question Ring. It’s a simple, elegant silver ring that comes in a nice, attractive display box, and serves one purpose: to make the question happen. Your fiance-to-be gets to pick the ring they want, and you don’t need to lose hair over the ring decision. For only about $75, it’s a win-win! As long as they say yes, of course.

Winking Heart Emoticon Paperweight

If you just can’t find the right words for your lover this Valentine’s Day, try something a little more direct. You can get this heart paperweight bearing the ever-enigmatic, yet always understood, winking emoticon for your significant other. People looking in from the outside might not get what’s going on, but your partner will get your drift immediately, and isn’t that all that matters? You can get this coy paperweight for $12.99.

Red iPod Nano

For Valentine’s Day this year, get a gift with a little more meaning than usual. An iPod Nano of any color will undoubtedly be loved by anyone, but giving a special edition red iPod Nano will go a long way toward making millions of people around the world happier, too. Like all (PRODUCT) RED items available for purchase, 50% of the gross profit made off each sale will go towards HIV prevention programs in Africa. It’s the perfect color for a Valentine’s Day gift, and you’ll be sharing the love across continents, not just between you and your sweetheart. The iPod Nano currently retails at $149 for the 8 GB version and $179 for the 16 GB version.

8-Bit Dynamic Life Shirt

Ever feel a little depleted when you’re away from your sweetheart for a little bit too long? Maybe you hear frantic beeping in your head telling you that something is terribly wrong. Maybe you get a little short of breath. Maybe you get a little thirsty for milk. Whatever happens, you can now show off to the world exactly how you and your significant feel about being apart with these matching life bar shirts. Each one has six hearts; when the two are apart, only two and a half hearts are lit, but when two lovers reunite, both shirts (and people) are brought back to full health. It’s the perfect geek gift for the season of love, and you can get a pair for between $17.99 and $24.99.

Toshiba CAMILEO S30

Capture the memories of you and your significant other wherever you go with the Camileo S30, a super sleek camcorder that you can take pretty much anywhere. It’s roughly the size and thickness of any smartphone you’ll find on the market today, but it packs a lot of technical prowess into that small frame. It comes with 1920x1080p HD video, 16x digital zoom, and video stabilization. The Camileo also has the standard range of camcorder tools: macro, motion detection, slow motion, time lapse and pre-record. There’s even a one-touch upload button made with social media sites in mind. It’s SD card compatible, and comes with a mini-tripod, for serious camera work. At $179.99, it’s a pretty good deal for a fully functional camcorder that is so wonderfully easily to carry around.

Case-Mate Do-it-Yourself iPhone 4 Case

Nothing says “I love you” more than giving a personalized gift for Valentine’s Day, and doing that while protecting a prized possession of any techie is sure to win big points, too. You can upload any image that you have (preferably one of you and your love smiling together somewhere nice) to Case-Mate’s online application, and they’ll ship you the finished result, a sleek, form-fitting iPhone 4 case bearing the image that you submitted. Your one-of-a-kind iPhone case can be on its way to you for $34.99.

Sony Vaio Sangria Red

This Valentine’s Day, make an impact with a gift that weighs hardly anything at all. This Sangria Red Sony Vaio, a limited edition version of the Y21SFX model, is a laptop that serves up every basic need your sweetheart could think of: 8 GB RAM, 500 GB hard drive, built-in camera and microphone, and a 1.20 GHz processor. Plus, it’s the perfect color for the season, with a brilliant, beautiful sangria red finish. Get this featherweight laptop for just $789.99. Besides, you can never go wrong with an up-to-date laptop as a gift; it’s a quantifiable need in these times.

Wii Hardware Bundle Red

The ever-popular Nintendo Wii is still guaranteed to be a hit as a gift, even now, well after four years since its release. Inject a little Valentine’s Day spirit to the classic techie gift with this red Wii bundle, which includes the system, a red Wiimote and Nunchuk with red rubber case for the Wiimote, Wii Sports and New Super Mario Bros Wii. It’s a gift you and your sweetheart can share for years to come. You can waggle your way into your significant other’s heart for about $200 off Amazon.

Little Big Planet 2

Creativity in gifts goes a long way. Maybe giving a video game lacks in that department, but Little Big Planet 2 makes up for it with the endless amount of creativity the game itself allows. Besides, with Sackboy as the mascot, the cuteness factor is sure to play a role in winning the heart of your loved one this Valentine’s Day. Of course, the truly bold can make their own custom level reflecting the depths of their love for their one and only prior to the giving of the gift, and with Little Big Planet 2, the possibilities for that are practically endless. You can pick it up new for $59.99.

Prada Nylon iPad Case

How best to carry around the semi-mobile iPad is a pressing problem, as more and people become owners of Apple’s latest juggernaut. That problem can be put to rest emphatically, as you can now carry around your iPad in overflowing amounts of style with this Prada nylon iPad case. It comes in the Valentine’s Day traditional red and pink, with ample padding, an interior pocket, and the iconic Prada logo. If fashion is everything for you, drop a few hints for this gem, but make sure you drop them well; the Prada nylon iPad case runs for $420.


For the audiophile in your life who isn’t a fan of traditional speakers, check out the iPom speaker system. You can play music straight off a flash drive or an SD card, or from an iPod. Don’t let the fun, pomegranate and flower design fool you, though; this is a well-equipped speaker system ready to deliver 360 degrees of sound, and sports a 12W subwoofer. It’s also got touch volume control, and can be hooked up to any other electronic media in the house to serve as a set of external speakers. You and your sweetheart can play your song on repeat with the iPom for $99.99.

Victorinox Secure SSD

It might look like a standard flash drive, but this piece of tech is hardly that. This is the world’s smallest solid state drive, offering storage starting at 64 GB, and coming in models of up to 512 GB. All of that storage is stuffed into a drive that fits inside a Swiss Army Knife (early looks say it comes along with a small knife, a pair of scissors, a screwdriver, and a file, as well). The drives are all fully encrypted, and come with an e-ink display listing the owner’s name and capacity left (although the former can be personalized, maybe with a short message of love just for the holiday). It’s USB compatible, and can hook into an eSATA II port, too. Pricing options aren’t available yet, but it sounds like this gift won’t be a cheap one.

The Euricase Classic LCD Ring Box

The humble ring box is often forgotten in the furore of the wedding, Sure, the ring itself gets used, but all too often that duck egg (well, lucky girls get Tiffany) blue box lies discarded on the dresser, hinting at the happiness that once lay within. Why not incorporate your ring box into your wedded bliss- this I exactly what the Euricase LCD ringbox was created for. Brushed metal makes it look like s all jewel in the hand, and the inside features an LCD video screen that can be loaded with those favorite romantic moments, from videos of happy times, to photos of your favorite places. Music can be synchronized to play when you open it- what better way to share ‘your song’ to the world, or make sure the ‘Yes’ moment has a good beat? The ring nestles in the centre of the box, highlighted by a soft glowing light around the ring bed and it runs off a lithium ion battery. It has the capability for up to 60minutes of low res video footage, so it’s the gift that keeps on giving 9though you’d get odd looks using it as a PMP). What better way to start a geeky life together?

There are a variety to choose from and they cost from £40-$250.

The USB Engagement Ring

Jennifer Flume is one creative cookie, and she came up with an idea to show just how couples in love actually connect. Her concept (sigh) USB rings can connect to each other, or to a necklace that includes USB port, showing that love can be worldwide and shared. This is a very sweet idea, and aims to change the understanding of how people relate to each other- touching rings, rather than a handshake for example. They function as USB sticks in their own right, so tokens of love or happy photos can be kept on them, and digitally carried at all times. Add a few diamonds and I might just say yes to this!

Taste the Geek (with a cake)

Geek cakes have existed ever since someone first added yellow food colouring to icing sugar (Pacman, anyone) but in years the level of artistry has evolved to something truly spectacular. A geeky wedding cake is the perfect way to show everyone how much you both have in common and display your love of Warcraft/Mario/Rayman to the world. The beauty above is created by Let them Eat Cake who specialize in creating custom cakes for weddings, and will work with the clients to make sure they have something that exactly symbolizes just what they want. It might just break your heart to slice it though…

Red Heart Pillow

My heart pounds for you this Valentine’s Day or atleast my pillow does. This unique pillow is unlike something you will find at Pier 1.  Just tap the heart-shaped pillow to turn it on and watch it glow in a pulsating manner.  So this Valentine’s Day – get a box of chocolates, some wine, and turn off the lights…you have a date with a very handsome heart-shaped pillow that glows for you. The Red Heart Pillow retails for $39.99 from Gadgets and Gear.

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