VTech LS6375 Two Handset Cordless Answering System Review

Cordless phones are not obsolete just yet. Over the past ten years cordless phones have seen a lot of upgrades and new useful features. VTech has beautifully integrated almost all of these new features into a very attractive, and affordable, package. The Vtech LS6375 is a two handset bundle that includes one of VTech’s Cordless DECT 6.0 Wireless Headsets.

What’s in the Box

-2x Cordless Handsets
-1x Handset Charger + Adapter
-1x Handset Base with Answering Machine + Adapter
-1x Cordless Headset
-1x Headset Charger + Adapter
-1x Head Band for Headset
-2x Additional Ear Hooks for Headset
-3x Additional Ear Buds for Headset
-1x Wall Mount Bracket
-1x Telephone line cord
-1x User’s Manual and Quick Start Guide


There is really no better way to describe the VTech cordless phone design, it’s sleek. They have very attractive curves, and they’re quite slim for cordless phones. The phones, dock, and headset are all black and silver, with some chrome. The phones’ display and keys are backlit in blue, which is very helpful at night. On the side of the phone is a push to talk button, and all other buttons are on the phone’s face. There is a speakerphone on the back of the phone as well as on the answering machine base. The headset has one button on its face that functions as on/off and answer/hangup. On the side is a mute/flash button and on the other side are volume buttons. The earpiece on the headset has a removable ear bud, and there is a clip underneath that for attaching either an ear clip or a headband. The handset base (without the answering machine) has no buttons, just a status light.

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If you’ve been out of the cordless phone market for a bit, you will be pleased to see that every cordless phone in your house does not need to be plugged into a phone line anymore. With the LS6375, just the answering machine handset base needs a phone line, all additional handsets can be placed anywhere in the house that has a wall outlet for power. LS6375 includes one additional handset and base and supports up to 4 handsets. The phone calls with VTech’s cordless phones and headsets are digitally encrypted making it nearly impossible for anyone to eavesdrop. Another nice feature is that all of the handsets have push-to-talk intercom buttons where you can use them just like walkie-talkies. This makes it easy to make an announcement or reach out to someone in the household. A new addition to cordless phones is VTech’s lightweight cordless headset that uses DECT 6.0, a new wireless technology that delivers the best sound quality, security, and range in cordless phones. The wireless headset is much like a bluetooth headset, but requires no syncing/pairing. It has multiple wearing styles and can be worn over the ear or over the head. There are different ear buds and ear hooks that offer the most comfortable fit. The headset magnetically attaches to its base.

In addition to the big features mentioned above, the VTech phones in the LS6375 package sport 7 hour talk times, 500 foot range, dual caller ID, call waiting, different hearing profiles, mute, flash, volume controls, speakerphone, conference calling, backlit keypad and displays, language support for English, Spanish, or French, a 50 phone number directory, and a very sleek and attractive design. The phones also have the ability to playback messages from the digital answering machine, which can store 14 minutes of voicemails. You can also check your voicemails from anywhere in the world by calling the phone and using the two-digit security code.


There’s no doubt that the VTech LS6375 Cordless Phones come with a ton of features. The nice thing is that the phone system works fine right out of the box, if you don’t feel like diving into the manual, you don’t have to. Out-of-box I was immediately impressed with the easy set up, the attractiveness of the phones, the backlit keys/screen, and the Push-To-Talk buttons. I was also very impressed with how VTech manages to carefully include so much into such a small package.

By now most people use digital answering machines, if you’re not one of these people, just know that it is heaps better then tape. You can effortlessly play, skip, delete, and replay messages from the base, or from a phone in the system, or even from any touchtone phone by calling and using the two digit pass code. It’s convenient that all answering machine settings can be performed on the cordless phones.
Using the cordless phones was an overall positive experience. My callers sounded perfect on the phone and they reported that I too sounded great. There is a volume button on the top of the phone and an EQ button on the bottom of the phone to quickly adjust the sound to a comfortable level. This VTech phone is sleeker than my old cordless phone handset, which didn’t take long to get used to. The ‘find handset’ button on the receiver will comes in handy when you misplace the phone. The handset’s speakerphone is very loud, and I loved having it as a quick and easy method of going hands free.

The headset can only answer calls; to make phone calls you need to dial from a different phone. It would have been nice if there was at least a redial or a call last. On the bright side, you can use any phone to make the call, not just a VTech phone. It’s important to find a good fit with one of the ear buds and then either one of the ear hooks or the head band clip. Without the right fit, the headset won’t sit properly against your ear. I had bad luck finding a good fit with the ear hooks, but the head band worked perfectly for me. The problem with the head band is that you can’t mount the headset to its dock as the extra weight knocks it off. When the head set is properly fit against your ear, the call quality is on par with the handset quality, which was great. The range was great on the headset, as it worked across the house, in between more than a couple walls. The range on the hand sets was also very solid and there was no where in the house that the audio was degraded.


For $100, you sure get a whole lot of value with VTech’s LS6375 System. You get two sleek feature-packed phones and a headset, which have near perfect call quality, amazing range, and wireless security. The set can be distributed anywhere around your home, just as long as the answering machine base is connected to a phone line. The LS6375 can be purchased from VTechPhones.com for $99.95 with free shipping. Each additional handset costs $21.95, which is a great deal considering each handset doubles as an intercom for the house too.

The Good: Affordable, Attractive Design, Intercom, Wireless Security, Handset Speakerphone, Call Quality, Range
The Bad: Headset is limited to answering and ending calls, handset won’t mount on dock with headband