Wonder Woman Gets Her Own Mac Cosmetics Line Because Even Superheros Need Some Color

Just because Wonder Woman is a superhero and can get the truth out of the bad guys with her Lasso or poke their eyes out with her tiara, she still needs to look good when she gets up in the morning and no superpower can do that. That’s were Mac comes in, they have just unleashed a slew of Wonder Woman inspired cosmetics. The collection consists of blush, eyeliner, pigment, lashes, lipstick, lipgloss, and eye shadow.

Prices range from $15 to $40 respectively and each is outfitted with the iconic Wonder Woman colors and branding. To top it all off, If you happen to be in NYC, the times square location has been renovated to look like a Wonder Woman comic book. The front of the store graces you with a huge Wonder Woman and inside the store you’ll find strips of the fair lady in action along with LCD’s playing Wonder Woman cartoons and comic strips. I highly suggest checking it out. However you’ll have to take it all in with your eyes, as the store does not allow any pictures to be taken. But I was able to score TWO before I was ushered out by Wonder Woman’s amazons…

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