Lady Gaga Drops By Twitter HQ Before Releasing Country Version of Born this Way

So if you were Lady Gaga, what would be your next stop be after having an in-depth interview at Google? Why you would head over to Twitter HQ of course. Being the mother of the most followers on Twitter, this actually makes sense. It also helps that the timing ties in nicely with the dropping of Born This Way (The Country Road Version) that will be released on Twitter at 12am PST/3am on 3/25. What Gaga talked about at Twitter headquarters is anyone’s guess, since the interview with Evan Williams hasn’t been made public yet.

Will it be as engaging and fun as the interview she recently had when she visited Google HQ? Will it reveal anymore unknown tidbits about Gaga? Who knows. However, one thing is for sure, once that country version of Born this Way hits Twitter, we better not be welcomed with a fail whale.

[Via SFist]