Sound Beginnings Lets You Deliver Personal Messages to the Womb

Sound Beginnings is the latest piece of technology for pregnant women to safely play music for their babies in the womb. Similar to the Ritmo, you hook up an MP3 player for you and your baby to listen too. Loved ones can record messages to the Sound Delivery service and you can download them to your MP3 player for you and your baby to enjoy. All the loved ones need to do, is call a special number that will record the message and you just log in and retrieve it for download. The design of the Sound Beginnings includes built-in speakers for your unborn baby as well a splitter for you and the baby listen to the same sounds together. However, it isn’t the most attractive accessory we have seen for a woman. It would have been nice  if it was at least a tiny bit stylish. Sound Beginnings retails for $49.95.