Get Buried Like the Doctor, in a Doctor Who Coffin

Doctor Who never dies? Or does he? Well just in case he does, Creative Coffins has prepared a special coffin for him or you.  Yes, if you want to leave a mark when you leave this earth, then Creative Coffins is the ideal place for you to do such a thing. These coffins are not just your average pieces of wood nailed together. No sir, they are good for the environment and they offer a range of creative designs that exemplify what your passions were while on earth. If you were a avid Doctor Who fan, well they have a coffin for you. If you happen to be a famous DJ being laid to rest…well they have the perfect casket for that too. If you don’t care for their designs, you can make your own or add a special message to an existing pattern. Currently the service only seems to be available to those in Europe but I’m sure if you pay enough, you can be buried in a Doctor Who coffin without a problem.