KillSpencer iPad 2 Carrying Case is Really Just a Man Bag

KillSpencer’s iPad 2 Case tries its best to be a fancy shmancy Leather Carrying case. But at the end of the day, it can best be described as a man bag! The case is designed with premium leather, lined with a soft material covered in neoprene, and it comes comes equipped with RIRI Aquazip Waterproof Zippers, along with a shoulder strap. Plus it’s designed to fit your iPhone, business cards, along with your iPad 2 and its smart cover. Alternatively it will also make a great fit for the original iPad and Apple iPad Case.

And besides for coming in leather, it’s also available in a material called original wax, which is a black filter twill utilitarian fabric that was originally designed in 1837 as a military spec that is water repellant and designed to last longer and perform better in “specialty” applications like war, hunting, fishing, sailing, and playing Angry Birds? The KillSpencer iPad 2 carrying cases retail from $150.00 to $189.