Flip Video is Dead, Long Live Smartphone Cameras

It looks like the Flip is going the way of Microsoft’s Clippy and the iPod Mini – the tech graveyard. Completely out of left field, Cisco has pulled the plug on the Flip Video line. However, it does all make sense now, since last week we were supposed to attend a meeting that unveiled an update to the Flip Video line but was canceled last minute– with a future date to be announced…

I guess it was cheaper to just kill the line altogether than to innovate. In all honesty, I assume it was a matter of time with Smartphones coming with better and better  built-in cameras that shoot in 720p. The need to carry around one more item, was just becoming cumbersome hence the drop in sales. According to an exclusive interview with Pocket-Lint, Cisco’s global head of public relations stated they would be  “Stopping the business rather than selling it was the best course of action,” but will support the company’s FlipShare service for existing customers, while it formulates a “transition plan.”

I will give props to Flip Video for being an innovator of its time. In its prime the company took the camcorder and made it cool again by converting it into a easy handheld device that younger demographics could use to upload random videos on to YouTube and share with others very easily. They also were one of the first to encourage artistic creativity on their cameras by introducing limited edition Flip Video cameras that featured artwork or Hello Kitty designs to name a few. Do you own a Flip Video? Will you miss it? Or will that sucker be going right on eBay now as a collectors item.

There will certainly be many people who are sad today to see the Flip go the way of the wind. But if you are still insistent that your Smartphone camera is just not that good enough for filming random things, the Sony Bloggie, Kodak Pocket Video Cameras, and Coby handheld digital cameras are still very much alive – for now.


  1. Aww, I do love my Flip. And it’s better than my iPhone 3Gs camera, but from what I hear of the 4G… that would be some competition.

  2. I had 3 Flips. I sold 1 last wek on CL and have another 3 gen for sale. I also have a UltraHD that i will keep especvially after reading this. That being said I have not used my Flip since I upgraded to an iphone 4. That little red button was awesome but my iphone is truely always with me. I can imediately upload to youtube and now vimeo with the same HD quality. I can even uplaod to many clouds to free up space when im out to save space.

    I wont use it unless I’m carrying a bad on an outine. Otherwise that thing is truely obsolete. Same thing with my GPS. I use MotionX and my Nuvi has been in the glovebox since. Just like the Flip I keep it as a backup which I would use on longer road trips but I would never invest in either again.